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    Hello, I’m Phill Tarquinio, owner of Chordline Barrier Inspections and a Mornington Peninsula Local.  I lead an expert team of Mornington Peninsula professionals that specialise in helping homeowners navigate the Victorian state legislation for pool and spa barrier compliance.

    Our mission is to help you with a down-to-earth and solution-based approach to ensure your pool and spa barrier complies with current Building Regulations and Australian Standards.  Our industry membership with SPASA Australia ensures we are always on the front foot with industry news, best practice, training and products that support our services.

    Advice and Assessments​

    Chordline can provide a professional Assessment service.  The Barrier Assessment Service is a precursor to the Barrier Inspection.  An Assessment service is most beneficial for older swimming pool barriers where it may have been 30-40 years (or more) since the last time the barrier was inspected.  This will provide you a detailed report outlining what works (if any) are required without the constraints of the 60 day rectification notice.

    Our trained assessment team are in continuous contact with our Building Inspectors, this ensures a consistent application of the standard to ensure your pool barrier will pass on its first inspection and allow you to avoid re inspection costs.

    Pool Barrier Inspections

    Our fully licensed and Insured Inspectors will carry out a thorough inspection of your pool or spa barrier to confirm if your barrier is compliant with Building Regulations and relevant Australian Standard. If your pool or spa meet all of the requirements, we’ll issue a certificate of compliance for you to lodge with council.

    Your pool or spa will be registered for 4 years.

    If any items require rectification you will be provided with a notice outlining the issue with each item and what is required to be fixed.  Victorian regulation then provides a 60 day window for those items to be repaired and re inspected.

    Real Estate Consultancy

    Buying, selling or renting a property and not sure if the swimming pool barrier is compliant?  We provide a consultancy service to outline the condition and level of compliance with your the barrier. This provides you with the knowledge you need to effectively negotiate the sale and allows you invaluable peace of mind if you are a landlord.

    Repairs and Maintenance Services

    We have teamed up with a network of skilled local tradespeople that can assist you in making any required repairs or maintenance for your pool or spa fencing. Unlike an assessment, after an Inspection you’ll only have 60 days from the first inspection to carry out any of these works.

    Our close relationship with these skilled tradespeople means they’re up to speed on exactly what work is required to make your barrier compliant – all they’ll need is the report we issue.


    If any repair works are required, once that work is complete Chordline will re-inspect your pool or spa barrier to issue you with a barrier compliance certificate. This certificate must then be lodged with your local council within 30 days and will remain valid for four years, after which we will need to arrange another inspection. Your property will be added to our reminder service to ensure you don’t miss the next compliance schedule.