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  • Interior Designer and Stylist
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    Phone Director Corinna: 0418 800 965

    Email: corinna@clchomes.com.au

    Website: www.clchomes.com.au/

    Instagram: @corinna.interiorstylist

    Why Choose Us...

    Interior Designer and Stylist, Corinna, has worked in the industry for over 10 years and specialises in styling homes for sale. She skillfully walks that line of creating homes that are full of personality but aren’t personalised, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves in the home.


    Did you know… 90% of buyers can’t visualise living in an empty home!


    It’s important to present a property in it’s best light to maximise the sale potential. Professionally styled homes sell 3x faster and for 10-25% more than un-styled homes in the same market.


    Corinna styles each property according to it’s individual needs. There are no generic ‘one size fits all’ packages here. Whether you’re wanting to work with existing furniture or need a vacant property staged, get in touch today for a no obligation free quote.