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Hygge Spaces & Design

Our Top Services:

  • Concept Planning- overall floor plan design
  • Interior drawings – concept to construction (2D and 3D services)
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Finishes and fixtures selections for new builds and renovations
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Design
  • Design management
  • Interior decorating and styling

Connect With Us:

Phone: Carlie Fraser – 0438 812 135





Why Choose Us...

Hygge Spaces and Design is a dedicated full-service interior design firm that specialises in renovations and extensions, assisting from concept to completion. We listen to your needs and find the perfect solution to match your budget, lifestyle and aesthetic.

Our goal is to assist and educate people to make these design changes to their homes, that will dramatically improve their overall wellbeing and happiness. With people at the heart of every design, we listen to your needs and we create responsive, thoughtful and well -designed homes that are the ongoing story of your life.

This is the essence of the business, this is hygge- you don’t spell it, you feel it when you walk into one of our spaces. We focus on life’s simple pleasures and the moments you will have in these spaces- we make the normal everyday life and routines, special. We want to assist as many people as we can, to create homes they love and that have that ‘feeling that you can’t put a finger on’.