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Meet Diccon Voller of Voller Builders.

As the Mornington Peninsula enters our second COVID-19 lockdown, it is more important than ever that we maintain the sense of connection our local community is famous for! This is where ‘Behind the Dreams’ comes in. We’ll be meeting our vibrant, local building and design industry professionals for 10 fun, quick-fire questions.

Meet Diccon Voller, Director of Voller Builders in Redhill, and 2019 Master Builder Award Winners

Tell us about you! What brought you to the Mornington Peninsula?

Diccon: I was born and raised in Red Hill. Have always lived on the peninsula and would not live anywhere else.

How do you like to live?

Diccon: On the go. I am either quoting jobs, organising trades, on the tools or on the phone!

What’s the highlight of your working week?

Diccon: Getting to show my clients the progress we have made.

Describe your business in 20 words 😉, no more!

Diccon: Builder of custom homes, extensions and property development.

What do you do on a Saturday?

Diccon: Spend it outdoors. In my greenhouse or veggie garden. Fishing. Or out and about enjoying the peninsula with my family.

What’s your favourite house or garden trend at the moment?

Diccon: Self sustainable veggie patch.

Your proudest business moment?

Diccon: Winning Master Builders Award of 2019 for Best Custom Home (500k-600k).

What do you secretly wish clients knew?

Diccon: How to look at quotes so they understand what is and isn’t inclusive. Unfortunately cheapest is not best and a job may end up being a lot more expensive in the long run.

If you were a house… which one would you be? And why?

Diccon: A tree house. It’s fun, brings out the kid in me and is low maintenance.

Thank you Diccon for sharing a bit about yourself with our Building Dreams community!

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