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Meet Katie of Katie Rees Design.

As the Mornington Peninsula continues its second lockdown, it is more important than ever that we maintain the sense of connection our local community is famous for! This is where ‘Behind the Dreams’ comes in. We’ll be meeting our vibrant, local building and design industry professionals for 10 fun, quick-fire questions.

Katie Rees – Director of Katie Rees Design, in Tyabb, Victoria.

Tell us about you! What brought you to the Mornington Peninsula?

Katie: I grew up in Frankston South, so I haven’t moved too far in my nearly 40 years. The Mornington Peninsula is so beautiful, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

How do you like to live?

Katie: I like to live in a way that keeps me super connected with my family. I love a home that allows us to cross paths and check-in with each other regularly. If the recent months have taught me anything, it’s that I do like to live a more quiet life with less rush around and more chill out time.

What’s the highlight of your working week?

Katie: Meeting face to face with my clients. All the hours and hard work are worth it when I can present to the homeowners and see them so genuinely excited with the results- It makes it all worthwhile.

Describe your business in 20 words 😉, no more!

Katie: Helping homeowners realise their new home or major renovation dream with bespoke building design that promotes connection and individuality.

What do you do on a Saturday?

Katie: Pre-Covid- Running our daughters around to ballet and basketball, followed usually by a social catchup with friends or family. In the thick of Covid- Quiet time at home with the family; which I actually kind of love- Movies, reading books, board games, fire-pit with toasted marshmallows.

What’s your favourite house or garden trend at the moment?

Katie: I really just love seeing homes that are a true reflection of their owners- Regardless of style. There is nothing better than seeing a home where the design, furniture and decoration are evidently a direct expression of the people that live there and love it.

Your proudest business moment?

Katie: Starting my own design studio 2.5 years ago and having client’s put their faith in me. I understand that designing and building your dream home is a big deal, and to have the privilege to do that for families is a true honour – Time and time again.

What do you secretly wish clients knew?

Katie: That the design phase is an incredibly important part of the design and build process. So many start with a builder and work backward to find “someone to draw up plans”. The design process, when it is done right, is what underpins the entire build process and how your home will look and feel in the end. While the documentation and ‘plans’ are an incredibly important bi-product, it is the design of the home that will determine exactly how your home will not only look, but feel. Choose a designer that you feel really understands the aspirations you have for your home and then put your trust and faith in them. The design might just be everything that you wanted- And nothing like you expected!

If you were a house… which one would you be? And why?

The Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe- Just because I love it!!

Thank you Katie for sharing a bit about yourself with our Building Dreams community!

If you would like to learn more about Katie Rees Design, visit www.katiereesdesign.com.au Or follow on instagram: @katiereesdesign