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Nepean Building Permits

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  • Building Permits
  • Mandatory Inspection
  • Pool Barrier Inspection
  • Liquor License Statement
  • Illegal Work Assessment

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    Nepean Building Permits and Consultants was established in 1994 and has been serving the building community actively in that time having issued over 50,000 building permits.


    The firm is committed to providing an efficient, prompt and competitive building permit service. All staff are highly experienced and can provide reliable and friendly advice regarding all building related queries.


    At Nepean, we strive to deliver a quality permit and inspection service and pride ourselves on the fast turnaround times for all applications.


    This is something that many other companies simply cannot deliver.


    The partners and staff at Nepean Building Permits are dedicated to making your building dreams come to life by providing a timely and cost effective permit process.