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Olive Stone Upholstery

Our Top Services:

  • Re-Upholstery

  • Bed heads

  • Occasional Chairs

  • Dining

  • Custom made furniture

  • Bedroom chairs

  • Diamond buttoning

  • Loose Covers

  • Outdoor Cushions

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    Here at Olive Stone, we have just started, however, I Luke Marks have 30 years of experience and strive to deliver the best quality of tradesman ship and upholstery to make sure all of our customers are left very happy with what we have custom-built or re-upholstered for them.

    We are capable of doing any style in all fabrics and leather; small jobs, large jobs, diamond buttoning or anything you require.

    My name is Luke Marks. I started my Apprenticeship in 1990 at 19th Century Upholstery doing Diamond Buttoned Chesterfields, 18 months in it went under due to the recession at that time. I then started at Camberwell Upholstery where I only had a 3rd-year apprentice above me, until he left then my boss said to me, either you do the job or you can leave so I was self-taught until I was a tradesman.

    Then I worked for Strongbuilt Furniture for 7 1/2 years. From there I was at L & M Upholstery for 15 years until my family and I made a sea change and moved to Rosebud where I have been at Peninsula Upholstery for the last 3 years.

    30 years in this trade and its time to do it for myself. I am highly self-motivated, hardworking and pride myself on the quality of my workmanship.