Behind the Dreams: Meet Nicci Foster of Tapir Design and Planning.

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

As the Mornington Peninsula enters our second COVID-19 lockdown, it is more important than ever that we maintain the sense of connection our local community is famous for! This is where 'Behind the Dreams' comes in. We'll be meeting our vibrant, local building and design industry professionals for 10 fun, quick-fire questions.

Meet Nicci Foster - Director of Tapir Design & Planning, in Frankston, Victoria.

Tell us about you! What brought you to the Mornington Peninsula?

Nicci: We moved to the Peninsula in 2009 as we needed somewhere with acreage to lease for the horses and sheep. We were attracted to the beauty, culture, food and access to the city.

How do you like to live?

Nicci: Quietly, sustainably, and with as much joy as possible.

What’s the highlight of your working week?

Nicci: Paying my staff. I know that might sound weird but I love that the crazy idea I had to start a business provides an income for others.

Describe your business in 20 words 😉, no more!

Nicci: Design that respects site context, that is beautiful and thoughtful and planning advice that seeks to be simple and thorough.

What do you do on a Saturday?

Nicci: I feed my horses, complete Uni work, clean the house, eat great food and drink cocktails with my husband (and friends or family when not in lockdown), go shopping (when not in lockdown) and try and read non-uni or work related materials. I also love the cinema and just relaxing with my husband who I adore.

What’s your favourite house or garden trend at the moment?

Nicci: Passive house design, our head architect is about to embark on a course so we can formally add this focus to our toolkit.

Your proudest business moment?

Nicci: Every time I see a design completed in-house and marvel at how beautiful it is. And every time we get a planning permit approved. I never tire of either feeling.

What do you secretly wish clients knew?

Nicci: How many hours it takes to complete design and planning work.

If you were a house… which one would you be? And why?

Nicci: John Wardle's Shearers Quarters because it is everything I love in modern design and was the house that made me stop daydreaming about working in architecture and make it happen.

Thank you Nicci for sharing a bit about yourself with our Building Dreams community!

If you would like to learn more about Tapir Design and Planning, visit : Or follow on instagram: @tapirdesignandplanning Main photo credit: Lauren Murphy Photography