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SawDust Carpentry

Our Top Services:

  • Custom timber creations and features for the house and garden.
  • Custom entry doors
  • Entertainment deck areas
  • Specialised stairs and treads
  • Timber wall cladding – interior and exterior
  • Timber shelving units
  • Architectural pergolas

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Why Choose Us...

SawDust Carpentry specialises in creating custom and unique timber features for the home and
garden. Craftsmanship is at the forefront of our focus as we deliver quality projects to our clients.
Twenty-five years in the building and construction industry allows us to provide our clients with a wealth of experience and the peace of mind that their project is in safe hands.

At SawDust, we believe that every project’s success is founded on three basic principles:

Client focus:
Listening to our client’s story, vision and dreams, is where the journey begins.  We value teamwork
and therefore work in close partnership with the project design team and our clients. Our proven
process brings vision to life by keeping things clear and simple, which makes for well informed and
satisfied clients.

Respect for local community and environment:
While one of our greatest passions is building in and around the community we live in, we highly
prioritise minimising construction impact on the environment by recycling, protecting and preserving fauna, waterways and natural soil during construction.
Our support for the community goes beyond construction. We proudly donate our time and
resources to local not-for-profit centres and charitable organisations.

Our Journey:
Every project we undertake is a journey of personal development and relationship building. Our
responsiveness, coupled with close client relationships, enables us to hone in on our client’s vision,
and be a part of their journey, story and dreams.