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Smoko Interview with Warren from Davis Made

Another SMOKO interview… done and dusted 

 Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Warren Davis from Davis Made Building who gave us valuable insights  about the current climate of home building.

Q1… Who’s the boss?

Warren: Well… me! Some like to say my wife Louise, but it depends on the day 😉

Q2…What’s the worst day on the job?

Warren: When it’s raining, and nothing goes to plan. That’s pretty much building. Sourcing materials has also been a challenge lately. 

Q3… What’s the best day on the job?

Warren:  When the weather is good, and the client comes to site… and is happy with the workmanship. 

Q4… What have you learnt the hard way?

Warren: To take the necessary time to do quotes right. There’s been a lot of changes with materials and labour costs, so we’re revisiting our costings figures every 30 days at the moment. 

Q5… What do you wish everyone could know?

Warren: At Davis Made we give a lot of free information out. If you visit our website: davismade.com.au you’ll find lots of useful articles covering topics like; Prime Costs, Provisional Sums, What To Know Before You Sign a Contract.

Tara Vandeligt: Thank you Warren Davis for sharing your local industry insights. We look forward to seeing more of you in the Building Dreams Facebook group!