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Smoko Interview with Andrew from Whyte Gardens

Another SMOKO interview… done and dusted 

 Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Andrew Whyte from Whyte Gardens who gives us valuable knowledge about what goes into creating your dream garden.

Q1… Who’s the boss?

Andrew: Well… I do live with my mother in law. So she’s the boss. Don’t tell my wife 😉

Q2…What’s the worst day on the job?

Andrew: When you get to the job and visualise what could look beautiful, come up with all of these amazing ideas… and the client says they just want to grass it. 

Q3… What’s the best day on the job?

Andrew: That’s easy… It’s the final result. When clients let me know how much they appreciate my work. That’s what we live for. 

Q4… What have you learnt the hard way?

Andrew: We can spend months on a design and plan everything, go to the council and get engineering. But there will always be something that pops up on a job. So you always have to have room to compromise. 

Q5… What do you wish everyone could know?

Andrew: What’s inside the client’s mind is the most valuable asset, your garden is the portrait of who you are.

It’s not about the designer’s brilliance and coming up with amazing designs. It’s about asking the right questions and drawing information from the client to visualise their ideas.

Tara Vandeligt: Thank you Andrew for sharing your local industry insights. We look forward to seeing more of you in the Building Dreams Facebook group!