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Smoko Interview with Conrad Construction

Singing in the rain!… with Kris Frigo from Conrad Construction who gave us valuable insights about the local Building Industry.

Q1… Who’s the boss?

Kris: I’m the boss, but I dare say it’s a family affair. My wife does aspects of our business, my Dad who is also a builder is still involved, and our little kids like to contribute too.

Q2…What’s the worst day on the job?

Kris: Hahaha, look at the weather now! (Tara & Kris are standing in the rain together).  The worst days are when deliveries don’t come on time. One instance was when delivery truck broke down on the freeway. We had 5 carpenters waiting for that delivery and they had no choice but to go to another job. 

Q3… What’s the best day on the job?

Kris: Hand over day of course! having happy clients loving their new homes. And when we’ve built primary schools it was especially nice seeing the kids run around and enjoy their new school! 

Q4… What have you learnt the hard way?

Kris: At the moment its challenging staying on top of quotes. With the changes in material costs and wage rises it’s especially important to take the extra time to be accurate, because unfortunately builders who don’t are going insolvent. 

Q5… What do you wish everyone could know?

Kris: Right now you really need to do your research, because just accepting the cheapest quote could be a disaster. Ask yourself, how long has the builder been in business for, and have they done the due diligence to get the quote right?  For instance, if you look on our website: you’ll notice we’ve been in operation for 40 years, and we have plenty of happy clients with great references to match! 

Tara Vandeligt: Thank you Kris Frigo for sharing your local industry insights. We look forward to seeing more of you in the Building Dreams Facebook group!