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A great design is the foundation of any garden.

A design drawn by a Horticulturist means your garden will not only be beautiful but also practical, functional, easy to maintain, and most importantly, won’t become a ‘money pit’ over the long-term.

What makes me unique as a landscape designer is that you get the design and horticultural expertise all in one! This can be rare in the garden design industry and for you it can make a big difference because you can be confident that the beautiful drawing will actually work and that you have the right plants for your space – not just “pretty” ones.

At the end of the day it’s not just about what you want your garden to look like, but what you want your garden to be – a place to entertain, a play area for the children, a showpiece, or a peaceful retreat where you can relax?

Translating this vision into reality is my absolute passion.