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Tomcat Trees

Our Top Services:

  • Tree trimming & felling

  • Formative pruning

  • Emergency tree work & make safe

  • Tree stump removal

  • Mulching and mulch sales

  • Firewood sales

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    Connect With Us:

    Phone (Director Alvin): 0433 294 187

    Email: tomcattrees@gmail.com

    Facebook: @tomcattrees

    Why Choose Us...

    Tomcat Tree Services are your friendly local tree care specialists.


    If you’re in need of an experienced arborist on the peninsula, then look no further than Tom Cat Trees! We have been providing high­ quality arboricultural services since 2009 and have become a trusted and respected name in the industry.


    Equipped with industry qualified staff and state of the art equipment, we are experienced in providing a wide variety of residential services, including large scale tree management, tree pruning and shaping, and complete tree and stump removal.