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Woodpecker Heating & Cooling

Our Top Services:

  • Quality Sales Solutions

  • Qualified & Experienced Installation.


  • Ongoing Servicing


  • Design Advice


  • Site Inspections to ensure peace of mind.


  • Project Management: end-to-end service


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Why Choose Us...

Woodpecker is a Melbourne based heating, cooling, fireplace and BBQ specialist, located in Mornington. Making your house a more comfortable home all year round.


Woodpecker is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 25 years. They offer a range of services including the supply, installation and maintenance of wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, electric fires and all air conditioning appliances – from split systems to ducted systems.


They can arrange and oversee other trades such as plasterers, carpenters or electricians on contracted jobs if required. Their installers work directly with their sales team. Communication is key and avoids unnecessary errors.


Qualified and accredited, their installers and service technicians are professional and have been installing and servicing heating and cooling as a concentrated career. They know heating and cooling – no guesswork!


Woodpecker installers are a trusted name in the community, who mostly carry out works in homes where customers aren’t even there, are away or it’s even their second residence.