How we use genuine 'word of mouth' to select the best for our Trade Directory.

Our selection process for our Trade Directory


At Building Dreams Group, we firmly believe in ‘word of mouth’. Since 2016 our community has been helping locals find great local trades & building related businesses through our word of mouth network.

We are proud to formalise this process into our curated Building Dreams Trade Directory, where local businesses can register as official Trade Directory Members of our community.

This is an important process, as it allows our community to benchmark the quality of businesses we use.

The qualities we look for:

  • Businesses that are part of our Facebook group, have signed up via our website, and have genuine recommendations.

  • Businesses that are locally based and/or committed to serving our local community on the Mornington Peninsula.

  • Officially established businesses, trading in a professional like manner and who are accountable for their own work. No 'cashies' here please. Please note: it still remains the onus of the customer to check any businesses they engage with have the necessary licences for the scope of work being undertaken.


  • Personable customer service. We personally interview all new businesses for this quality. 


  • Businesses that have an established reputation for good workmanship.


  • Accountability to our customer feedback. Customer feedback is the cornerstone to our community’s success. Businesses will be removed from our community if there are serious complaints from multiple impartial sources, until the matter is resolved.

Our Established Trade Directory Members who have served our community well. 

This special mark is reserved for members who have met all the above criteria, and have consistently served our community well for the previous 6 months. These gold class members are an especially valuable part of our community and are inline with our groups values.


Collectively, between our 5000+ members we curate the Trade Directory with customer feedback.

Feedback can be given in confidence to our community manager, Tara Vandeligt: We take complaints very seriously. We do not allow open complaints into our Facebook Group as it can be misinterpreted as slander and carries legal implications. So please direct your complaints to our community manager.  

Notwithstanding the above, we cannot accept any liability in regards to costs or damages caused by any business in our community. They are their own entities, and the onus is on the consumer to perform their own due diligence when choosing to engage a business, as in any normal  circumstance.

But given the curated and collaborative nature of our community, we do find that our Trade Directory is an excellent aid in your search for local builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concreters, painters, plasterers and much more. We have earned our place as a trusted local source, and locals return to our trade directory time and time again.


Recommendations in Our Facebook Group

Customer feedback is the cornerstone to our community’s success, and we encourage our Facebook Group members to share genuine recommendations of businesses they have used. 

Businesses can not recommend THEMSELVES unless they are registered in our Trade Directory and have passed our quality checks as stated above.

We discourage members recommending business affiliates, close friends and family members, as these recommendations may carry a level of bias. Due to the ‘real time’ nature of Facebook, we can on occasion miss these types of recommendations, initially. Although when it does come to our attention, we remove the comments and block the offending parties, permanently.



Do you have a great local business?

If so, we would love to hear from you! Our 5800+ members have plenty of local work for you. Register with our Trade Directory here. Fill out the form, and we’ll call you the next day for a quick interview to ensure that we’re mutually a good fit for each other.