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11 Dimensions Architects

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  • Boutique architectural design studio.
  • Specializing in coastal residential design.
  • Extensive track record in multi residential projects.
  • Town Planning applications.
  • Building Permit Documentation.

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    Email: jeff@11dimensions.com.au

    Instagram: @11dimensions

    Phone Director, Jeff: (03) 9017 0690

    Web: www.11dimensions.com.au

    Why Choose Us...

    We are a boutique architectural design studio offering functional, real life solutions with dedication and commitment to our clients’ identified needs.


    Specializing in single &  multi-residential projects, we have over 30 years of experience and a proven track record of successful commercial and residential developments.


    We believe that to achieve a truly successful outcome, a client and architect must establish a relationship of collaboration and trust. As architects we commit to patiently and continuously working to improve outcomes and deepen our understanding of our clients’ needs.


    It is from this perspective that we generate creative solutions that add unforeseen value. A golden balance between practicality, liveability and aesthetics.


    This is how we deliver outcomes that exceed client expectations.




    The best way to answer that question would be to compare it other circumstances. For example, if you wanted to know how to treat a cancer, you would go to a specialist doctor, not a nurse per say. If you had toothache, a dental hygienist would not help you, need to see a dentist. Same applies to a building project. If you are investing a substantial amount of money into your property and looking for an ultimate outcome – see a good architect.

    I believe a good architect should create a functional and beautiful space that brings a substantial value to the property and client’s living experience. The process of elimination of superfluous features and compromising elements will certainly not only save the client money but add value. During tender process, a role of the architect is to review/compare and negotiate the best price for the client that reflects the quality of build.  During construction, the architect protects the interest of the client should there be a dispute or a questionable built quality that can be resolved in a fair manner. As a result saving not only money but a working relationship with the contractor, which is a critical aspect.