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  • Construction Contract Reviews
  • Construction Cost, Time & Quality Problem Solving
  • First Time Home Building Advice
  • Residential Project Management Advice 


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    Phone Project Manager Annelyse: 0426 669 407

    Email: hello@buildtogetherpm.com.au

    Website: www.buildtogetherpm.com.au

    Instagram: @buildtogetherpm

    Why Choose Us...

    Build Together is a flexible consulting service that provides advice to first home builders at the start, middle and end of their home construction journey. We provide residential first home building advice, construction contract reviews, and dispute problem solving services.


    Our mission is to save clients heartache, time and money through meaningful and experienced advice on how to safely navigate the construction industry based on the clients specific circumstances.


    Annelyse is the Founder of Build Together. Annelyse has worked for eight years as a Project Manager delivering complicated and high value construction projects. She is passionate about the opportunities construction brings to its community, and wants to empower more to be involved in their own home construction projects. Annelyse believes anyone can construct their own home through the many established builder and developer pathways, although believes seeking the advice and support of an independent and experienced construction professional before locking into binding contracts and obligations is essential for first time construction clients.