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Cusp Architecture

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  • Architecture & Building Design.
  • Residential Concept Design.
  • Town Planning Documentation.
  • Building Permit Documentation.
  • Interior Design.
  • Spatial Planning.
  • Joinery Design.

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    Cusp Architecture is an architecture and interior design practice, which provides site specific, sustainable and innovative design solutions for residential projects of any scale.

    Whether it is your own home or an investment opportunity, a building project can be one of the biggest adventures of your life; and the process can seem daunting.
    Cusp Architecture is transparent and collaborative with clients, giving you access to knowledge and information as you progress through the building process; from the initial concept design through to completion.
    We help guide our clients through their project so they feel empowered and have less stress throughout the building journey.

    At Cusp Architecture, our Directors work as your partner. We will share with you our passion for detail and provide thoughtful solutions, bringing a personal touch to your project.
    With experience spanning over 15 years in architecture, project management and interior design, our Directors are well equipped to work with you as you embark on your project.
    At the end of the process, you’ll have a thoughtfully designed home, and the shared experience of designing it.