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Smoko Interview with Brett Hayes of Be Assured Home Maintenance

Meet Brett Hayes of Be Assured Home Maintenance… the handyman of the Mornington Peninsula community for almost three years running.

Q: Who’s the boss?

Brett: The boss is the customer. I work in people’s homes daily. A home is a place of sanctuary, privacy, and where memories are built…. it’s all about the customers and their homes, so they are the boss

Q: What’s the worst day on the job?

Brett: Fortunately I don’t have many mem0rable bad days on the job, but the bad days are when I’m getting swamped with enquiries and I’m not getting back to them. So if you’ve reached out to me and I haven’t gotten back to you, my sincere apologies. 

Q: What’s the best day on the job?

Brett: When someone gives me a list of all the little things that’s been annoying them, and we book a day to get it all done. Getting through all of the job’s does make a difference. The best day on the job is when you can give the customer that relief.

Q: What have you learnt the hard way?

Brett: There are lessons. to learn every day. My business is about people and providing a service to people, so you meet so many fabulous people. 

Q: What don’t we know as customers, that would be valuable for us to know?

Brett: The two most important things about your home are the roof and the foundation.      They are the things that are out of sight, but they are things that will cause you the most bother. 


Thank you Brett for your time!

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