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Smoko Interview with Ruth van Overbeek of Kaamer Design

Meet Ruth van Overbeek of Kaamer Design as we chat about kitchen design trends on the Mornington Peninsula… 

Sink in the island or in the pantry?! That is the greatest debate in our Faceb0ok Group.

Ruth: I think it all depends on how the family functions.

I think the sink on the island is more functional, its practical and I think it’s great for conversation.

I’ve never regretted my decision on placing the sink in the island bench.

When designing a kitchen, the first thing you have to consider is the working triangle. However, It all depends on the size of the kitchen.

I would say 2 steps between your fridge to your sink to your stove is optimal.

Placing the sink in the middle gives you space on either side, so you never run out of room.

From an aesthetic point of view placing the sink and a feature tap in the centre creates symmetry which is architecturally really nice. 


Thank you Ruth! We are curious to hear your feedback….

Do you love the sink in the butler’s pantry or do you prefer it in the island?

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