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Smoko Interview with Ryan Gregory of 3DHD

See your home Virtually before it’s built!… Meet Gregory Ryan from 3DHD Home Design Service  and watch Tara goggle up, for and amazing tour!

Q1… Who’s the boss?

Ryan: I’m the boss! I came from a building background, and we we’re offering a build & design service to our clients. Over the past 5 years we expanded into 3D Virtual Reality as a design visualising tool. We narrowed down and improved on that technology… until we came to a point that we pivoted solely into interior design and 3D visualising.  

Q2…What did you learn the hard way?

Ryan: Not to rush the preliminary process. When we first meet with our clients at their discovery workshop, we look to discover their lifestyle and their interior style preferences. If we try to rush the preliminary phase, the project slows down at the other end (meaning it slows down the build at the construction end).  

Q3… What do you wish everyone could know?

Ryan: Based on where the building market is at the moment, it’s best to plan everything you can up front. That includes picking your fixtures & fittings, getting your design right, making sure you have all the selections there for your finishes. If you do these things up front, firstly your builder can quote your job accurately, and secondly your builder can plan it all into your construction timeline. Visualising your design upfront save all those nasty hidden costs in variations and costly delays.  

Tara Vandeligt: Thank you Ryan Gregory. Stay tuned  for an example of  Ryan’s 3D Virtual Reality experiences, where I put on the goggles for a tour! We look forward to seeing more of 3DHD in the Building Dreams Facebook group!