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SunArch Pool Care Specialists

Our Top Services:

  • Pool Heating Solutions
  • Regular and One Off Pool Servicing
  • Pool Chemical Testing
  • Equipment Repairs and Upgrades
  • Green Pools
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections

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    Connect With Us:

    Phone: 1800 786 272

    Website: www.sunarch.com.au

    Instagram: @sunarchpoolcare

    Facebook: @sunarchpoolcare

    Email: info@sunarch.com.au

    Why Choose Us...

    Do you need your pool or spa cleaned?


    Is your pool or spa located on mainly Melbourne’s Bayside area or Mornington Peninsula?


    At Sunarch Pool Care Specialists, we pride ourselves on many years of experience and reliability.

    We are a local family owned business and we love working with everything to do with pools and spas.

    We can service your pool and spa regularly or on a casual basis and we test and balance your pool to make sure it healthy and swim ready for your family and friends. We also have experience in servicing commercial pools.


    SunArch supplies pool or solar equipment, and also don’t forget to ask about heat pumps for another heating solution.

    We do all repairs on pool equipment and also can supply pool blankets and rollers.
    If you’ve got a pool or spa, call today and we can help with all your needs!